Solaris 10 10/08 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced Installations

Examples of a custom_probes File and Keyword

You can find additional examples of probe and comparison functions in the following directories:

The following custom_probes file contains a probe and comparison function that tests for the presence of a TCX graphics card.

Example 5–1 custom_probes File

# custom_probe script to test for the presence of a TCX graphics card.

probe_tcx() {
  SI_TCX=`modinfo | grep tcx | nawk '{print $6}'`
  export SI_TCX

cmp_tcx() {

  if [ "X${SI_TCX}" = "X${1}" ]; then
     return 0
     return 1

The following example rules file shows the use of the probe keyword that is defined in the preceding example, tcx. If a TCX graphics card is installed and found in a system, profile_tcx is run. Otherwise, profile is run.

Note –

Always place probe keywords at or near the beginning of the rules file. This placement ensures that the keywords are read and run before other rule keywords that might rely on the probe keywords.

Example 5–2 Custom Probe Keyword Used in a rules File

probe tcx
tcx     tcx     -     profile_tcx     -
any     any     -     profile         -