Solaris 10 10/08 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced Installations

Patches Stored on an HTTP Server

If the patch is stored on an HTTP server, use one of the following syntaxes for the patch keyword.

patch  patch_id_list | patch_file http://server_name [:port] patch_directory optional_http_keywords

patch  patch_id_list | patch_file http server_name [:port] patch_directory optional_http_keywords

Specifies the patch ID numbers that are to be installed. The list should be a list of comma-separated Solaris patch IDs. The patches are installed in the order specified in the list. Do not add a space after the comma, for example: 112467-01,112765-02.


A file with a list of patches that is found in the patch_location. The patches are installed in the order specified in the file.


Specifies the name of the server where you stored the patch.


Specifies an optional port. port can be a port number or the name of a TCP service that has a port number that is determined at runtime.

If you do not specify a port, the default HTTP port number 80 is used.


Specifies the location of the patch directory to be retrieved from the specified server. When using an HTTP server, the patch must be in JAR format.


Specifies the optional keywords to use when you retrieve a patch from an HTTP server.

Table 8–7 Optional patch Keywords to Use With HTTP


Value Definition 

timeout min

The timeout keyword enables you to specify, in minutes, the maximum length of time that is allowed to pass without receipt of data from the HTTP server. If a timeout occurs, the connection is closed, reopened, and resumed. If you specify a timeout value of 0 (zero), the connection is not reopened.

If a timeout reconnection occurs, the package is retried from the beginning of the package and the data that was retrieved prior to the timeout is discarded. 

proxy host:port

The proxy keyword enables you to specify a proxy host and proxy port. You can use a proxy host to retrieve a Solaris package from the other side of a firewall. You must supply a proxy port when you specify the proxy keyword.

Example 8–20 Adding a Patch With an Ordered List by Using HTTP

In this example, the patch profile keyword adds all the patches listed in the patch_file file from the HTTP location http://patch.central/Solaris/v10/patches. The patches are installed in the order specified in the file the patch file. If five minutes pass and no data is received, the patch data is retrieved again. Previous patch data is discarded.

patch patch_file http://patch.central/Solaris/v10/patches timeout 5

Example 8–21 Adding a Patch by Using HTTP

In this example, the patch profile keyword entry adds the patches 112467–01 and 112765–02 from the patch location http://patch_master/Solaris/v10/patches.

patch 112467-01,112765-02 http://patch.central/Solaris/v10/patches