Solaris 10 10/08 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced Installations

ProcedureTo Add Files With a Finish Script

Through a finish script, you can add files from the JumpStart directory to an already installed system. You can add the files because the JumpStart directory is mounted on the directory that is specified by the SI_CONFIG_DIR variable. The directory is set to /tmp/install_config by default.

Note –

You can also replace files by copying files from the JumpStart directory to already existing files on the installed system.

  1. Copy all of the files that you are adding to the installed system to the JumpStart directory.

  2. Insert the following line in the finish script for each file that you want to be copied to the newly installed file system hierarchy:

    cp ${SI_CONFIG_DIR}/file_name /a/path_name

Example 4–2 Adding a File With a Finish Script

For example, assume you have a special application, site_prog, developed for all users at your site. If you place a copy of site_prog into the JumpStart directory, the following line in a finish script copies site_prog from the JumpStart directory into a system's /usr/bin directory:

cp ${SI_CONFIG_DIR}/site_prog  /a/usr/bin