Solaris 10 10/08 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced Installations

Packages Stored on an NFS Server

If the package is stored on an NFS server, use one of the following syntaxes for the package keyword.

package package_name add nfs server_name:/path [retry n]
package package_name add nfs://server_name:/path [retry n]

Specifies the package name in the form SUNWname. To view detailed information about packages and their names, on an installed system, use the pkginfo -l command.


Specifies the name of the server where you stored the package.


Specifies the location of the package directory on the specified server. If the path contains $HOST, $HOST is replaced with the name of the host system that you are installing.

retry n

Is an optional keyword. n is the maximum number of times the installation process attempts to mount the directory.

Example 8–12 Adding a Package by Using NFS

In this example, the package profile keyword adds the SUNWnew package from the NFS location nfs://golden/packages/Solaris_10/. If a mount fails, the NFS mount is tried five times.

package SUNWnew add nfs golden:/packages/Solaris_10 retry 5