Solaris 10 10/08 Installation Guide: Solaris Flash Archives (Creation and Installation)

How to Get the Support for Peripherals That You Need

You can install support for peripherals on clone systems that are different from the master system in by installing the Entire Plus OEM Software Group or installing selected packages.

Type of Installation 


Install the Entire Plus OEM Software Group 

The Entire Plus OEM Software Group is the largest Software Group available. This group contains every package that is found in the Solaris OS. The Entire Plus OEM Software Group installs all drivers regardless of the hardware that is present on the system. A Solaris Flash archive that is created with the Entire Plus OEM Software Group works on any clone system that has peripheral devices supported by the installed release of the Solaris OS. 

Installing master systems with the Entire Plus OEM Software Group guarantees compatibility with other peripheral configurations. However, the Entire Plus OEM Software Group requires at least 2.9 Gbytes of disk space. The clone systems might not have the space that is required to install the Entire Plus OEM Software Group. 

Install other software groups 

If you install the master system with the following software groups, you are limiting the support for peripherals. The master system supports only the peripheral devices that are attached to the master system at the time of installation.  

  • Reduced Networking Software Group

  • Core Software Group

  • End User Software Group

  • Developer Software Group

  • Entire Software Group

Installing these software groups could result in your clone systems failing to have all the drivers needed. For example, if you install the Entire Software Group on a master system that has a GX CG6 frame buffer, only the GX CG6 frame buffer driver is installed. This situation is not a problem if all the clone systems that you want to install have the GX CG6 frame buffer or no frame buffer. 

Install selected packages 

When you install the master system, you can install only the packages that you need for the master system and the clone systems. By selecting specific packages, you can install only support for the peripherals that you know exist on the master system or clone systems.