Solaris 10 10/08 Release Notes

System Might Loop When Master CPU Is Changed (4405263)

A system that is running the Solaris kernel debugger to debug a live system might loop with incomplete error messages. This loop occurs when the OpenBoot PROM's master CPU is changed. A system reset restores the system to operation. However, the traces of the original failure are lost. Consequently, you cannot perform a diagnosis of the fatal reset.

Workaround: When the system is at the PROM level, the OpenBoot's ok prompt is displayed. In a system with multiple CPUs, the ok prompt is preceded by a number that is enclosed in curly braces. This number indicates the active CPU in the system. To run your debug session while at the PROM level, use the following steps.

  1. Raise pil to f by typing the following command:

    {0} ok h# 0f pil!
  2. Use the switch-cpu command to selectively switch from the currently active CPU to different CPUs. For example, to switch from CPU #0 to CPU #1, type the following command:

    (0) ok 1 switch-cpu

    The ok prompt is now preceded by the number of the CPU to which you switched.

    {1} ok
  3. Run your debugger.

  4. At the end of your debugger session, issue a reset-all command to return the system to normal use.

Note –

Make sure that you upgrade the system to the latest version of the OpenBoot PROM.