Solaris 10 10/08 Release Notes

x86: System Fails to Boot After Custom JumpStart Installation (6205478)

If you use the Custom JumpStart installation method to install on an x86 based system, and explicitly configure slice 2 as the overlap slice in the profile, an error occurs. The system does not reboot successfully after the installation is completed. The following error message is displayed:

Cannot find Solaris partition

This failure occurs because the overlap slice 2 (c0t0d0s2, for example) is set to begin at cylinder 1 rather than cylinder 0.

Workaround: In the Custom JumpStart profile, remove the filesys keyword entry that configures slice 2 as the overlap slice. For example, you would remove a keyword entry that is similar to the following entry.

filesys c0t0d0s2 all overlap

After you remove the entry, perform the Custom JumpStart installation.