Solaris 10 10/08 Release Notes

x86: Sun Java Workstations 2100Z Might Panic When Booting From Solaris 10 Operating System DVD (6214356)

The DVD combo-drive firmware in a Sun Java Workstation 2100Z might cause a system panic. The panic occurs when you boot the workstation from the Solaris 10 Operating System DVD. After the kernel banner is displayed, the following message is very quickly flashed:

panic[cpu0]/thread=fec1be20: mod_hold_stub: 
Couldn't load stub module sched/TS_DTBL
fec25cb0 genunix:mod_hold_stub+139 (fec04088, 63, fea11)
fec25cc4 unix:stubs_common_code+9 (1, 8, fec026e4)
fec25ce4 unix:disp_add+3d (fec026dc)
fec25d00 genunix:mod_installsched+a4 (fef01530, fef01518)
fec25d20 genunix:mod_install+2f (fef01518, fec25d3c,)
fec25d2c TS:_init+d (0, d6d89c88, fec25d)
fec25d3c genunix:modinstall+d9 (d6d89c88)
fec25d50 genunix:mod_hold_installed_mod+2e (d6d77640, 1, fec25d)
fec25d7c genunix:modload+ac (fec026c4, fec26c4)
fec25d98 genunix:scheduler_load+3d (fec026c4, fec026dc)
fec25db4 genunix:getcid+50 (fec026c4, fec28514)
fec25dcc unix:dispinit+df (fec25ddc, fe814ba9)
fec25dd4 unix:startup_modules+d5 (fec25dec, fe8cac37)
fec25ddc unix:startup+19 (fe800000, 166130, 7)
fec25dec genunix:main+16 ()

Then the system automatically resets.

Workaround: Choose one of the following options:

Workaround 1: Modify some BIOS configuration settings. This temporary workaround enables a Solaris 10 installation to be completed. However, this method might cause poor read-DVD performance. Follow these steps:

  1. During system boot, press F2 at the prompt to enter the setup.

    The screen displays attachment-type options similar to the following example:

    Primary Master [ ]
    Primary Slave [ ]
    Secondary Master [CD-ROM]
    Secondary Slave [ ]
  2. Choose the DVD drive's attachment type by selecting the attachment type for CD-ROM.

    Note –

    The screen might display more than one attachment type for CD-ROM, for example, if your system has multiple optical drives. In such cases, you might need to open the system case to determine the DVD drive's point of attachment. Make sure that you select the correct attachment type that applies to the DVD drive.

  3. After selecting the correct CD-ROM attachment type, press Enter.

    The next screen appears with Type:[Auto] automatically selected.

  4. Press the spacebar twice to change the selection to Type:[CD-ROM].

  5. Use the arrow keys to select Transfer Mode.

  6. Press Enter to display a list of other Transfer Mode options.

  7. Use the arrow keys to select Standard, then press Enter to accept your selection.

  8. Press F10 to save the configuration changes and exit BIOS setup.

    The system restarts.

Workaround 2: Update the DVD combo drive's firmware to v1.12. This option requires your DVD combo drive to be attached to a system that is running Microsoft Windows. Follow these steps.

  1. Remove your DVD combo drive from the Sun Java Workstation 2100z. See the workstation's user's guide for steps to remove the drive properly.

  2. Connect the drive to a system that is running Microsoft Windows. Make sure to change the drive's master and slave jumper settings, if needed.

  3. Go to AOpen's download center at

  4. Search for your DVD drive's firmware by using the following information:

    • Product: Combo drives

    • Model: COM5232/AAH

    • Categories: Firmware

  5. Download and install the firmware version R1.12.

  6. Reinstall the drive on the workstation. If needed, restore the original master and slave jumper settings.

Note –

Newer versions of the firmware might already be available at the site. Sun's tests confirm that the v1.12 release resolves the panic issue. Sun cannot confirm whether newer firmware revisions after v1.12 similarly resolve the problem.