Solaris 10 10/08 Release Notes

Some Asian Locales Cannot Be Used for Custom JumpStart (6681454)

Some Asian locales like, th_TH.ISO8859-11, th_TH.TIS620, ko_KR.EUC, ko_KR.UTF-8, zh_TW.EUC, zh_CN.EUC, zh_CN.GBK, and zh_CN.UTF-8 cannot be used while installing with Custom JumpStart. While setting locales in the sysidcfg file using the system_locale keyword, the following error message is displayed:

xx_xx.xxxxx is not a valid system locale

The JumpStart installation is stopped and Interactive installation starts.

Workaround: Use shorter locale names such as th_TH, ko, ko.UTF-8, zh_TW, zh, zh.GBK, and zh.UTF-8, instead of longer locale names,