Solaris 10 5/09 Release Notes

Dynamic Reconfiguration on Sun Fire High-End Systems

This section describes major domain-side DR bugs on the following Sun Fire high-end systems that run the Solaris 10 software:

For information about DR bugs on Sun Management Services, see the SMS Release Notes for the SMS version that is running on your system.

Note –

This information applies only to DR as it runs on the servers listed in this section. For information about DR on other servers, see the Release Notes or Product Notes documents or sections that describe those servers.

Known Software and Hardware Bugs

The following software and hardware bugs apply to Sun Fire high-end systems.

GigaSwift Ethernet MMF Link Fails With CISCO 4003 Switch After DR Attach

The link fails between a system with a Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF Option X1151A and certain CISCO switches. The failure occurs when you attempt to run a DR operation on such a system that is attached to one of the following switches:

This problem is not seen on a CISCO 6509 switch.

Workaround: Use another switch. Alternatively, you can consult Cisco for a patch for the listed switches.