Solaris 10 5/09 Release Notes

Minimum System Controller Firmware

Table 3–1 shows acceptable combinations of Solaris software and System Controller (SC) firmware for each Sun Fire midrange system to run DR.

Note –

To best utilize the latest firmware features and bug fixes, run the most recent SC firmware on your Sun Fire midrange system. For the latest patch information, see

Table 3–1 Minimum SC Firmware for Each Platform and Solaris Release


Solaris Release 

Minimum SC Firmware 

Sun Fire E6900/E4900 with UltraSPARC IV+ 

Solaris 10 3/05 HW1 (a limited release) or Solaris 10 1/06 


E6900/E4900 without UltraSPARC IV+ 

Solaris 9 4/04 


Sun Fire 6800/4810/4800/3800 

Solaris 9 4/04 


Sun Fire 6800/4810/4800/3800 

Solaris 9 


You can upgrade the system firmware for your Sun Fire midrange system by connecting to an FTP or HTTP server where the firmware images are stored. For more information, refer to the README and files. These files are included in the firmware releases that are running on your domains. You can download Sun patches from