Solaris 10 5/09 Release Notes

Using mkfs Command to Create File System Might Fail on Very Large Disks (6352813)

The mkfs command might be unable to create a file system on disks with a certain disk geometry and whose sizes are greater than 8 Gbytes. The derived cylinder group size is too large for the 1-Kbyte fragment. The large size of the cylinder group means that the excess metadata cannot be accommodated in a block.

The following error message is displayed:

With 15625 sectors per cylinder, minimum cylinders
per group is 16. This requires the fragment size to be
changed from 1024 to 4096.
Please re-run mkfs with corrected parameters.

Workaround: Use the newfs command instead. Or, assign a larger fragment size, such as 4096, when you use the mkfs command.