Solaris 10 5/09 Release Notes

x86: Install Hangs on Systems With 512 Mbyte of Memory (6423854)

Installations can run out of memory and hang on 512-Mbyte systems under the following conditions:

When the system exhausts available memory, the GUI installation process slows and eventually fails. The text does not display in a windowing environment.


To avoid this problem, select a non-windowing environment during the initial installation startup. During startup from the installation media the following menu is displayed:

 1.     Solaris Interactive (default)
 2.     Custom JumpStart
 3.     Solaris Interactive Text (Desktop session)
 4.     Solaris Interactive Text (Console session)
 5.     Apply driver updates
 6.     Single user shell
 Enter the number of your choice.

At this point, choose “4. Solaris Interactive Text (Console session)”. This non-windowing environment will initiate a text-only installation, without using memory-intense processes.