Solaris 10 5/09 Release Notes

Sun Upgrade Detailed Patch Analysis Panel Not Scrollable (6597686)

During a Solaris upgrade, if you select Detailed Analysis to see the patches that will be removed, the panel that displays the patches is not scrollable. The complete list of patches to be removed cannot be viewed.

Workaround: Run the analyze_patches scripts manually:

# cd <cdrom>/Solaris_10/Misc
# ./analyze_patches -R rootdir -N netdir -D databasedir

The command options are as follows:

-R rootdir

rootdir is the root of the installed system. The default root directory is /.

-N netdir

netdir is the path to the root of the OS image to be installed. /cdrom/cdrom0 is the default path. netdir is the path to the directory that contains the Solaris_10_606 directory. You must use this option if you are running the patch_analyzer from an NFS mount point.

-D databasedir

If the script is called from a directory other than the /Misc directory in the OS image, the program cannot find the database it uses for patch analysis. Use the -D option to supply the path to the database. Without this database, which is located in the Solaris_10_606/Misc/database directory on the OS image, the script will not run correctly.