Solaris 10 5/09 Release Notes

shutdown Command Might Cause the System to Hang After Upgrade (6751843)

The shutdown command might cause the system to hang after it is upgraded to the Solaris 10 5/09 release. The hang occurs while the svc.startd daemon halts system services.

The Sun Java Web Console debug log file at /var/log/webconsole/console/console_debug_log displays if the web console service is cycling, starting and stopping.

Workaround: Type the following commands:

/usr/share/webconsole/private/bin/wcremove -i console
svcadm clear system/webconsole:console
smcwebserver start

Note –

The wcremove command removes the server domain instance that was created for that specific console. When the console is restarted, a new domain instance is created.