Solaris 10 10/09 Release Notes

SPARC: DSR Upgrade Might Cause System Failure (6883262)

Disk space reallocation (DSR) Upgrade using DVD or /net image might cause corruption of systems. Upgrade appears successful on the system console, but no packages are added after patch and package removal. After removal of patches or packages, the upgrade goes directly to creating boot blocks and reboots the system. As all packages, including ones that are necessary for booting, are removed and no packages are added, the system fails to boot. This failure is seen intermittently.

The following error message is displayed:

Can't open boot_archive
Fast Data Access MMU Miss
%TL:1 %TT:68 %TPC:f0009ca4 %TnPC:f0009ca8 %TSTATE:8840001600
%PSTATE:16 ( IE:1 PRIV:1 PEF:1 )
DTLB-MATCH:ffffffffffffe ( VA:-2000 CTX:0 )

Workaround: Use Solaris Live Upgrade in place of DSR upgrade for change disk allocation.