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Solaris 10 6/06 Release Notes
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1.  Installation Issues

2.  Solaris Runtime Issues

Common Desktop Environment

x86: Cannot Configure Full-Screen Magnification on Systems With One Video Card

x86: Problems Configuring USB Mouse Device as Extension Device for Use With GNOME On-Screen Keyboard

x86: Support for Intel Integrated i810 and i815 Graphics Chipsets

Arabic Text Not Appearing in ar Locales

x86: Time Settings Might Cause Key Combinations to Fail to Start Assistive Technologies in the Sun Java Desktop System (6351923)

Launch Menu Cannot Be Opened With Ctrl-Esc (6340714)

x86: Problems With dtlogin When Using UTF-8 Locales (6334517)

SPARC: Problems Configuring Preferences With the GNOME On-Screen Keyboard (6329929)

x86: GNOME Applications Fail With dtremote (6278039)

Full-Screen Magnification and Keyboard Accessibility Features Not Working (6273030)

x86: kdmconfig Command Does Not Create System Identification Configuration File for Xorg X Server (6217442)

Desktop Icons Invisible on Second Desktop System (6211279)

x86: kdmconfig Instructions to Configure Xorg X Server Are Incomplete (6205881)

x86: Program That Configures Keyboard, Display, and Mouse Not Working for X Server (6178669)

CDE Removable Media Auto Run Capability Removed (4634260)

Solaris PDASync Cannot Delete Last Entry From the Desktop (4260435)

Solaris PDASync Does Not Support Data Exchange With the Multibyte Internationalized PDA Device (4263814)

Documentation DVD

SUNWsdocs Package Needed to Remove Other Documentation Packages

European Locale PDF Documents Available Only Through C Locale (4674475)

File Systems

ZFS and UNIX/POSIX Compliance Issues

Adding ZFS Patch to a Solaris 10 6/06 System Causes Spurious Warning Messages (6429860)

ufsrestore Does Not Use acl_set() For Setting ACLs (6421216)

fdisk -E Can Sweep Disk Used by ZFS Without Warning (6412771)

x86: BIOS Hangs on Reboot After Using ZFS on Sun Ultra 20 or Sun Fire X2100 (6363449)

ZFS and Third-Party Backup Product Issues

Veritas NetBackup Does Not Back Up and Preserve Files With ZFS/NFSv4 ACLs (6352899)

Legato Networker Needs to Support ZFS/NFSv4 ACLs (6349974)

ZFS GUI Should Check For /usr/lib/embedded_su at the Beginning of Each Wizard (6326334)

du Reports Wrong Size Information on RAID-Z (6288488)

Fails to Sync File System on Panic (6250422)

Need Itinerary so That Interrupted scrub or resilverDoesn't Have to Restart (2136811)

Upgrading From Some Solaris Express or Solaris 10 Releases Requires Remounting of File Systems

NFSv4 Access Control List Functions Might Work Incorrectly

Access Problems Between Solaris NFSv4 Clients and NFSv4 Servers

Using mkfs Command to Create File System Might Fail on Very Large Disks (6352813)

File System Creation Might Fail on Small Slices (6346510)

Undetected Write Errors in NFSv4 Client With Full File System (6346204)

System Crash Dump Fails on Devices Greater Than 1 TByte (6214480)

Using smosservice Command to Add OS Services Results in Insufficient Disk Space Message (5073840)

Hardware-Related Issue and Bugs

Registration Tool Prevents Power Management on Some Framebuffers (6321362)

SPARC: Sun Crypto Accelerator 4000 Board Versions 1.0 and 1.1 Not Supported in Solaris 10 OS

Certain USB 2.0 Controllers Are Disabled

Supported USB Devices and Corresponding Hub Configurations

x86: Limitations Exist With Certain Device Drivers in Solaris 10 OS

DVD-ROM/CD-ROM Drives on Headless Systems

x86: Manual Configuration Required to Specify Non-US English Keyboards

SPARC: Power Management in Sun Expert3D and Sun Elite3D Hardware Not Working Under Certain Circumstances (6321362)

SPARC: jfca Driver for Certain Host Bus Adapters That Are Connected to Tape Devices Might Cause Errors (6210240)

Contention Exists Between Certain Devices That Share the Same Bus (6196994)

hat_getkpfnum() DDI Function Is Obsolete (5046984)

Some Systems With USB 2.0 Hardware Might Hang or Panic (5030842)

x86: Using Two Adaptec SCSI Card 39320D Cards on a Sun Fire V65x Server Might Cause the System to Panic (5001908)

x86: Soft System-Shutdown is Not Supported in Solaris OS on x86 (4873161, 5043369)

Some DVD and CD-ROM Drives Fail to Boot Solaris (4397457)

iPlanet Directory Server 5.1 Issues

Installing Directory Server 5.1

Migrating to the Sun Java System Directory Server 5 2005Q1

Issues While Running Debugger

SPARC: Problems With dbx Debugger While Processing 64-bit Objects (6347707)

System Might Loop When Master CPU Is Changed (4405263)

Localization Issues

Deadkeys Not Working With GTK Applications on Xsun in EMEA UTF-8 Locales (6429880)

L10N Messages Missing When Using localeadm Utility to Add Locales (6423974)

IIIMF Packages Might Not be Installed (6388988)

SPARC: Keycode 50 Does Not Work for European Keyboard Layouts (6387317)

Several Arabic Fonts Do Not Work in GNOME (6384024)

Unable to Switch Input Language on Session-Saved Applications (6360759)

Some Language Input Does Not Work Correctly on Non-U.S. Keyboard Layouts (6319383)

Keyboard Shortcuts in Mozilla in ES Locale Are Unusual and Ambiguous (6288620)

Login Screen Marks UTF-8 Locales as Recommended

Microsoft Office Files

HTML Files

Fixing Broken HTML File

Emails Saved As Portable Format

Plain Text Files

File Names and Directory Names

Launching Legacy Locale Applications

Hardware for Estonian Keyboard Type 6, French Canadian Keyboard Type 6, and Polish Programmers Keyboard Type 5 Not Available

Cannot Print Documents in Portable Document Format (6239307, 6218079)

x86: Login Process Might Hang in Certain Asian Non-UTF-8 Locales (6215527)

Special Keyboard Keys Do Not Work (5077631)

Modifier Keys Do Not Function Correctly (4996542)

Chinese and Korean Characters Are Printed In a Box (4977300)

Sort Capability in the European UTF-8 Locales Does Not Function Correctly (4307314)

Networking Issues

Memory Leaks with ECC and RSA Cipher Suites (6421471)

iSCSI Initiator Does Not Handle LUN Address Reporting Properly (6377485)

LUN Numbers Greater Than 256 Are Treated Differently by 2-Gbyte and 4-Gbyte QLogic HBAs (6371273)

Wrong MAC Address is Displayed When There is More Than One Ethernet Card (6316245)

SPARC: RTM_IFINFO Message Has Different Sizes on 32-bit and 64-bit Compilations

IP Forwarding Disabled by Default in Solaris 10 OS

Generic LAN Driver Version 3 Fails to Set Field Length of Logical Link Control Frames (6350869)

Zone Not Booting When IP Address Belongs to a Failed IP Network Multipathing Group (6184000)

Intermittent Errors Might Occur With the Use of DataDigests (5108515)

ATM LANE Subnets for IPv4/IPv6 Might Not Complete Initialization (4625849)

Configuring Multiple Tunnels Between Two IP Nodes With Filtering Enabled Might Result in Packet Loss (4152864)

Security Issues

Nonpassword Logins Fail With pam_ldap Enabled

Incorrect Parameters Might Cause Panic in Sun StorEdge T3 (4319812)

Service Management Facility

Print Services Have Offline Settings by Default (5100134)

keyserv Daemon Disables Some File System Services (5084183)

Login Prompts Sometimes Appear Before File Systems Are Mounted (5082164)

Smart Card

System Does Not Respond to Smart Card (4415094)

Edit Config File Menu Item in Smartcards Management Console Does Not Work (4447632)

Solaris Commands and Standards

Bash 2.0.5b No Longer Sets Some Environment Variables

New ln Utility Requires -f Option

New tcsh Rejects setenv Variable Names That Use a Dash or an Equals Sign

STDIO getc Family EOF Condition Behavior Change

Output Columns of the ps Command Have Been Widened

Command ping -v Does Not Work on IPv6 Addresses (4984993)

Solaris Volume Manager

Solaris Volume Manager metattach Command Might Fail

Solaris Volume Manager metassist Command Fails in Non-English Locales (5067097)

Volume Creation Fails in Systems With Unformatted Disks (5064066)

Hot Spares Do Not Work Correctly When Solaris Volume Manager RAID-1 (Mirror) or RAID-5 Volumes Are Created in Disk Sets Built on Soft Partitions (4981358)

Solaris Volume Manager metadevadm Command Fails if Logical Device Name No Longer Exists (4645721)

Solaris Volume Manager metarecover Command Fails to Update metadb Namespace (4645776)

Sun Java Desktop System

Email and Calendar

Problems With Using Multiple Attachments (6260583)

Problem With Changing Authentication Type (6246543)

Problems When Saving Attachments With Localized Content (6204976)

Incomplete List of Contacts in Contact Folder (5088514)

Login Issues

Login Error Message

$PATH issues (6247943)

Remote Connection Problems (6203727)

Help System

Wrong Help Window Opened For Volume Control (6253210)

Online Help Freezes (5090731)

Mozilla Browser

Cannot Print Certain Documents From the Mozilla Browser

Cannot Specify User Preferences for Roaming Access in Mozilla Browser (6200999)

Keyboard Shortcuts Fail (6192644)

System-Level Issues

User Preferences Not Fully Compatible

GNU Image Manipulation Program Missing From the Graphics Menu (6209566)

Problems With Online Registration of StarOffice 7 Software (6208829)

Problems With Sound Recorder

Volume Control Option Not Working

Outdated List of Allowed Applications for Solaris OS (6267922)

Problems When Using Keyboard Indicator (6245563)

Certain View Options Might Cause File Manager to Fail (6233643)

CD Quality, Lossless Mode Fails at Start of Recording (6227666)

Cannot Delete Files Outside of Home Directory (6203010, 5105006)

Problems Creating Certain Types of Archives (5082008)

Cannot Type Multibyte Characters in Text Editor 2.9.1 (4937266)

System Administration

smosservice or smdiskless Is Broken Due to wbem Issues (6378956)

Sun Patch Manager Tool 2.0 Not Compatible With Previous Versions

Sun Remote Services Net Connect Supported Only in the Global Zone

Error or Warning Messages Might Be Displayed While Installing Non-global Zones With the zoneadm Command

Adding Regions Fails With the localeadm Command (6350486)

SPARC: Error Messages Displayed During Dynamic Reconfiguration (6312424)

SPARC: Reinitializing Link on a Server in a Storage Area Network Causes Logical Unit Number on All Servers to Reset (6301627)

Error Messages Displayed by pkgchk After You Remove Patches for Zones (6267966)

Race Condition Between EF/kcfd and IPsec Algorithm Availability (6266083)

Solaris Product Registry Administration Utility Fails to Launch in a Zone (6220284)

Cannot Delete Existing Diskless Clients From the System (6205746)

Net Connect 3.1.1 Installation Fails (6197548)

x86: Default C Library Might Cause Boot Failure When You Install Solaris Flash Archives (6192995)

SPARC: smosservice delete Command Does Not Successfully Remove All Directories (6192105)

patchadd Command Does Not Support Installing Patches From an NFS Server (6188748)

lucreate Command Does Not Create RAID-1 Volumes (5106987)

Devices Not Immediately Available in Fabric Zones in a Storage Area Network (5077933)

SPARC: Stopping the System by Using Keyboard Sequences Might Cause a System Panic (5061679)

Using the ipfs Command With -W Option Fails (5040248)

kill -HUP Does Not Always Cause the Agent to Reread the snmpd.conf Configuration File (4988483)

x86: Pressing the F4 Key During BIOS Bootup Fails to Boot the Service Partition (4782757, 5051157)

Solaris WBEM Services 2.5 Daemon Cannot Locate com.sun Application Programming Interface Providers (4619576)

Some com.sun Application Programming Interface Method Invocations Fail Under XML/HTTP Transport Protocol (4497393, 4497399, 4497406, 4497411)

Cannot Modify File-System Mount Properties With Solaris Management Console Mounts and Shares Tool (4466829)

3.  System-Specific Issues

4.  End-of-Software Support Statements

5.  Documentation Issues

A.  Table of Integrated Bug Fixes in the Solaris 10 Operating System

B.  Solaris 10 Operating System Patch List

Hardware–Related Issue and Bugs

The following hardware–related issue and bugs apply to the Solaris 10 release.

Registration Tool Prevents Power Management on Some Framebuffers (6321362)

If the background processes for the registration tool are left running, the Elite3D and Creator3D framebuffers stop power management. This failure reduces the power savings when the system is in a power-managed state. Under certain conditions, sys-suspend might also hang. No error message is displayed. The system might hang during a system suspend or resume operation.


Run the following command approximately 60 seconds after each login:

# pkill -f basicreg.jar
# pkill -f swupna.jar

SPARC: Sun Crypto Accelerator 4000 Board Versions 1.0 and 1.1 Not Supported in Solaris 10 OS

A new cryptographic framework is provided in Solaris 10 OS. However, versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the Sun Crypto Accelerator 4000 board's software and firmware do not utilize this framework. Consequently, these versions are not supported in the Solaris 10 OS.

The 2.0 release uses the new framework. This release is available as a free upgrade to current Sun Crypto Accelerator 4000 users who plan to use Solaris 10 OS. Because the Sun Crypto Accelerator 4000 is an export-controlled product, you must contact Sun Enterprise Services or your local sales channel to obtain the free upgrade. Additional information is available on the Sun Crypto Accelerator 4000 web page at Sun's products site.

Certain USB 2.0 Controllers Are Disabled

Support for certain USB 2.0 controllers has been disabled because of incompatibilities between these devices and the EHCI driver. The following message is displayed:

Due to recently discovered incompatibilities with this 
USB controller, USB2.x transfer support has been disabled. 
This device will continue to function as a USB1.x controller. 
If you are interested in enabling USB2.x support please refer 
to the ehci(7D) man page. 
Please refer to for Solaris Ready products 
and to for additional compatible 
USB products.

For the latest information about USB devices, see

Supported USB Devices and Corresponding Hub Configurations

This Solaris release supports both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 devices. The following table is a summary of USB devices that work in specific configurations. Connection types can either be direct to the computer or through a USB hub. Note that USB 1.1 devices and hubs are low speed or full speed. USB 2.0 devices and hubs are high speed. For details about ports and speeds of operation, see the System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems.

Table 2-1 USB Devices and Configurations

USB Devices
Connection Types
USB 2.0 storage devices
Direct, USB 1.1 hub, USB 2.0 hub
USB 1.1 devices except audio
Direct, USB 1.1 hub, USB 2.0 hub
USB 1.1 audio devices
Direct, USB 1.1 hub
USB 2.0 audio devices
Not supported

x86: Limitations Exist With Certain Device Drivers in Solaris 10 OS

The following list describes limitations with certain drivers and interfaces in this release of Solaris 10 for x86 platforms:

Checkpoint Resume

This functionality is turned off for all device types. In the DDI_SUSPEND code in your detach() function, you should return DDI_FAILURE.

Power Management

This functionality is unavailable to USB devices. Do not create power management components. Write your driver so that pm_raise_power() and pm_lower_power() are called only when power management components are created.

DVD-ROM/CD-ROM Drives on Headless Systems

Power management of interactive devices such as removable media is linked with power management of your monitor and the graphics card that drives your monitor. If your screen is active, devices such as the CD-ROM drive and diskette remain at full-power mode. These devices might switch to low-power mode on a system without a monitor. To restore power to the CD or diskette, type volcheck to obtain the latest status from each removable device.

Alternatively, you can disable power management on your system by using the Dtpower GUI. By disabling power management, these devices are constantly at full power.

x86: Manual Configuration Required to Specify Non-US English Keyboards

By default, the kdmconfig program specifies Generic US-English(104-Key) as the keyboard type that is connected to the system. If the system's keyboard is not a US-English keyboard, you must manually specify the keyboard type during installation. Otherwise, installation continues by using the default keyboard specification that is inconsistent with the system's actual keyboard type.

Workaround 1: If the system's keyboard is not a US-English keyboard, perform the following steps during installation:

  1. When the Proposed Window System Configuration For Installation is displayed, press Esc.

    Note - The information on the Proposed Window System Configuration For Installation, which includes the keyboard type, is displayed only for 30 seconds. If you want to change configuration settings, you must press Esc before the 30 seconds lapse. Otherwise, the installation continues by using the displayed settings.

  2. Change the keyboard type to the type that corresponds to your system's keyboard.

  3. Press Enter to accept the changes and continue with the installation.

Workaround 2: If you want to change the keyboard type in a system that is already running Solaris 10 OS, use the kdmconfig program. Choose the option that applies to the type of X server your system is running.

SPARC: Power Management in Sun Expert3D and Sun Elite3D Hardware Not Working Under Certain Circumstances (6321362)

Sun Expert3D or Sun Elite3D cards in Sun Blade 1000 or Sun Blade 2000 workstations normally switch to low-power mode after an idle period. However, if these cards are set as the primary head in the Xserver, power management does not work. The affected cards remain at full power and no power savings are realized. No error message is displayed.

Workaround: None.

SPARC: jfca Driver for Certain Host Bus Adapters That Are Connected to Tape Devices Might Cause Errors (6210240)

The jfca driver for the following host bus adapters (HBAs) might cause system panics or I/O failures when these HBAs are connected to tape devices:

The jfca driver for these HBAs is prone to race conditions when certain operations are being run, and thus causes the errors. The operations are the following:

Error messages similar to the following examples might be displayed:

Workaround: Do not connect tape devices to either the SG-PCI1FC-JF2 or SG-PCI2FC-JF2 HBA.

Contention Exists Between Certain Devices That Share the Same Bus (6196994)

A bus contention occurs if Quad Fast-Ethernet (QFE) cards share the same bus with any of the following adapters:

The infinite-burst parameter of the ce driver that is used by these adapters is enabled by default. Consequently, little or no bus time is available for the QFE ports that share the same bus.

Workaround: Do not place QFE cards on the same bus as the network adapters in the list.

hat_getkpfnum() DDI Function Is Obsolete (5046984)

The hat_getkpfnum() DDI function is obsolete. Developers should update their device drivers to not use the hat_getkpfnum() DDI interface. If drivers are using hat_getkpfnum,() warnings similar to the following example are displayed:

WARNING: Module mydrv is using the obsolete hat_getkpfnum(9F)
interface in a way that will not be supported in
a future release of Solaris. Please contact the
vendor that supplied the module for assistance,
or consult the Writing Device Drivers guide,
available from for migration
Callstack of bad caller:

To determine if a driver is using hat_getkpfnum(), consult the driver source code, or examine the driver's symbols by using nm(). Using the driver mydrv as an example, type the following syntax:

% nm /usr/kernel/drv/mydrv | grep hat_getkpfnum

For guidance about migrating drivers away from hat_getkpfnum(), refer to Appendix B, Summary of Solaris DDI/DKI Services, in Writing Device Drivers.

Some Systems With USB 2.0 Hardware Might Hang or Panic (5030842)

Systems with certain USB 2.0 hardware might frequently hang or panic when running this Solaris release. These problems are associated with USB 2.0 devices that are not based on the NEC chip set. When these problems occur, the following error message about the Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI) is displayed:

WARNING: /pci@0,0/pci8086,244e@1e/pci925,1234@2,2 (ehci1):
This controller is not supported.
Please refer to for Solaris Ready products
and to for additional compatible USB products

Workaround: Depending on your system's hardware configuration, choose one of the following options:

Note - USB 2.0 ports are operated by two companion hardware pieces:

On x86 based systems, drivers for both OHCI and UHCI exist. On SPARC based systems, only OHCI USB 1.1 host controller hardware is supported. Therefore, only USB hardware with OHCI companion controllers continue to work on SPARC systems whose companion EHCI controller is disabled. Ports of the USB hardware remain operational even with EHCI disabled, provided that your system has the proper OHCI or UHCI drivers. USB 2.0 devices that are connected to these ports run only as fast as a USB 1.1 device.

To verify whether EHCI and OHCI host controllers exist on your SPARC based systems, type:

# prtconf -D

Check the output for EHCI entries next to one or more OHCI entries, similar to the following example:

pci, instance #0 (driver name: pci_pci)
usb, instance #0 (driver name: usba10_ohci)
usb, instance #1 (driver name: usba10_ohci)
usb, instance #0 (driver name: usba10_ehci)

x86: Using Two Adaptec SCSI Card 39320D Cards on a Sun Fire V65x Server Might Cause the System to Panic (5001908)

Using two Adaptec SCSI Card 39320D cards on a Sun Fire V65x server might cause that system to panic. The panic occurs during initial reboot after you have installed Solaris 10 software. The following error message is displayed:

Initializing system  Please wait... 
1 run-time error M6111: MATH
    - floating-point error: stack underflow

Workaround: Remove the second Adaptec card.

x86: Soft System-Shutdown is Not Supported in Solaris OS on x86 (4873161, 5043369)

The Solaris OS on x86 does not support a soft system-shutdown that is initiated by a command. A command to shut down simulates pressing the power button to turn the power off. On x86-based systems, issuing this command while the Solaris OS is running turns the power off immediately without properly shutting down the operating system. The improper shutdown process might corrupt the file system.

Workaround: Before powering off, shut down the operating system first. Perform the following steps:

  1. Become superuser.

  2. Use one of the available commands to shut down the Solaris OS properly, such as init, halt, or shutdown. For example:

    # shutdown
  3. After the operating system shuts down completely, you can switch off the power by one of two ways:

    • If the system supports soft system-shutdown, issue the command to turn off the power.

    • If the system does not support soft system-shutdown, turn off the power manually by using the power switch.

For more information about the commands to shut down the operating system, see the man pages for the init(1M), halt(1M), and shutdown(1M) commands. For information about turning off your system's power, refer to the system's manuals.

Some DVD and CD-ROM Drives Fail to Boot Solaris (4397457)

The default timeout value for the SCSI portion of the SunSwift PCI Ethernet/SCSI host adapter (X1032A) card does not meet the timeout requirements of Sun's SCSI DVD-ROM drive (X6168A). With marginal media, the DVD-ROM occasionally experiences timeout errors. The only exceptions are Sun Fire 6800, 4810, 4800, and 3800 systems. These systems overwrite the SCSI timeout value by means of OpenBoot PROM.

Workaround: For other platforms, use the on-board SCSI interfaces or DVD-ROM compatible SCSI adapters, such as the following examples: