Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Deployment Planning Guide

Remote Administration

The Directory Server Enterprise Edition administration model, described in the previous section, also enables remote administration of any Directory Server or Directory Proxy Server in the topology. Servers can be administered remotely using both the command-line utilities and the Java Web Console.

The dsadm and dpadm utilities cannot be run remotely. These utilities must be installed and run on the same machine as the server instance that is being administered. For details of the functionality provided with dsadm and dpadm, see the dsadm(1M) and dpadm(1M) man pages.

The dsconf and dpconf utilities can be run remotely. For details of the functionality provided with dsconf and dpconf, see the dsconf(1M) and dpconf(1M) man pages.

The following figure illustrates how the new administration model facilitates remote administration. This illustration shows that the console and configuration commands can be installed and run remotely from the Directory Server and Directory Proxy Server instances. The administration commands must be run locally to the instances.

Figure 8–1 Directory Server Enterprise Edition Administration Model

Figure shows the new administration model, with administration
and configuration commands, and the Directory Control Center