Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Deployment Planning Guide

Identifying Data From Disparate Data Sources

When determining data sources, ensure that you include data from other data sources, including legacy data sources. This data might not be stored in the directory. However, Directory Server might need to have some knowledge of, or control over, the data.

Directory Proxy Server provides a virtual directory feature that aggregates information, in real-time, from multiple data repositories. These repositories include LDAP directories, data that complies with the JDBC specification, and LDIF flat files.

The virtual directory supports complex filters that handle attributes from different data sources. It also supports modifications that combine attributes from different data sources.

During the data analysis phase, you might find that the same data is required by several applications, but in a different format. Instead of duplicating this information, it is preferable to have the applications transform it for their requirements.