Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Deployment Planning Guide

Designing a Monitoring Strategy

An effective monitoring and event management strategy is crucial to a successful deployment. Such a strategy defines which events should be monitored, which tools to use, and what action to take should an event occur. If you have a plan for commonplace events, possible outages and reduced levels of service can be prevented. This strategy improves the availability and quality of service of your directory.

To design a monitoring strategy, do the following:

Monitoring Tools Provided With Directory Server Enterprise Edition

This section provides a summary of the monitoring tools that are available in Directory Server Enterprise Edition as well as additional tools that can be used to monitor server activity.

The monitoring areas described in Identifying Monitoring Areas can be monitored using one or more of these tools.

Identifying Monitoring Areas

What you monitor, and to what extent, depends on your specific deployment. In general, however, include the following elements in your monitoring strategy: