Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Deployment Planning Guide

Recovery in the Event of Application Failure

If the fault monitor determines that the Directory Server Data Service has failed, the monitor initiates action to restart the service. The action that is taken depends on the service's configuration.

You can configure the failover data service to attempt to restart a failed service on the same node. Alternatively, the data service can be configured to immediately start a failed service on a different node. If the data service is configured to attempt to restart on the same node, the fault monitor contacts the local RGM. The local RGM then attempts to restart the failed service. If this action fails, the local RGM attempts to start the service on a different node.

If a failed data service cannot be restarted on the same node, the local node's RGM attempts to locate a version of the service on another node. This action also occurs if the data service is configured to start on a different node after failure. If the local RGM finds a version of the service, the local RGM contacts the local CMM and requests that it contact the remote node over the cluster interconnect. The remote CMM then contacts the local RGM and directs it to start the service.

The following figure illustrates recovery in the event of application failure.

Figure 12–7 Application Failure and Recovery in a Sun Cluster Architecture

Figure shows recovery after application failure in a
Sun Cluster architecture