Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Deployment Planning Guide

Identity Synchronization for Windows

Identity Synchronization for Windows provides basic synchronization of identity data between Directory Server Enterprise Edition and Microsoft Active Directory.

Identity Synchronization for Windows fulfills the requirement of interoperability. Synchronization of key identity data such as passwords eliminates the need for users to modify passwords several times to accommodate different application authentication mechanisms.

Use of a non intrusive implementation for synchronizing key identity data eliminates the time-consuming and maintenance-intensive need to install a client component on Active Directory servers.

Identity Synchronization for Windows enables users to change passwords and other identity data in either the Windows environment or the web-based application environment. In this way, Identity Synchronization for Windows maintains synchronization between Active Directory and Directory Server. Disabled accounts can also be synchronized between Active Directory and Directory Server. This synchronization ensures conformance of access policies to applications and data between the Windows desktops and web-based applications.