Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Deployment Planning Guide

Load Balancing With Replication in Large Deployments

If your deployment requires a Number of hosts significantly larger than 16, you might need to add dedicated consumers to the topology.

The following figure assumes that the Number of hosts is 24 and, for simplicity, shows only a portion of the topology. (The remaining 10 servers would have an identical configuration, with a total of 8 masters and 16 consumers.

Figure 10–3 Using Multi-Master Replication for Load Balancing in a Large Deployment

Figure shows multi-master replication with four masters
and eight consumers.

A change log can be enabled on any of these consumers if you need to do the following:

If the Number of hosts is several hundred, you might want to add hubs to the topology. In such a case, there should be more hubs than masters, with up to 10 hubs for each master. Each hub should handle replication to only 20 consumers at most.

No topology should have the same number of hubs as masters, or the same number of hubs as consumers.