Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Migration Guide

Migrating the Schema Manually

Directory Server 5 schema files are located in serverRoot/slapd-serverID/config/schema. Directory Server 6.3 schema files are located in instance-path/config/schema.

Directory Server 6.3 provides a new schema file, 00ds6pwp.ldif, that contains new password policy attributes. In addition, certain configuration attributes have been added to 00core.ldif. Apart from these files, the standard schema files provided with Directory Server 6.3 are identical to those provided in version 5.

    To migrate the schema, perform the following steps:

  1. Copy the 99user.ldif file from the existing instance to the new instance. If you have already added custom schema to the new instance, you will need to choose which version of the custom schema to keep.

  2. If you have defined custom schema in any other files, copy these files to the new instance.

  3. Any fractional replication information must be redefined in the new instance.