Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Display the Configuration of Directory Proxy Server Instance

  1. Type dpconf info

    $ dpconf info
    Instance Path           :  instance path
    Host Name               :  host
    Secure listen address   :  IP address
    Port                    :  port
    Secure port             :  secure port
    SSL server certificate  :  defaultServerCert
    Directory Proxy Server needs to be restarted.

    dpconf info displays Secure listen address and Non-secure listen address only if these properties are set to non-default values. The above output does not display Non-secure listen address, as this property is not set to a non-default value.

    dpconf info also reminds the user to restart the instance if it needs to be restarted.

    You can also use dpadm info to display Directory Proxy Server instance configuration information.