Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Man Page Reference

Default Paths

The following table describes the default paths that are used in this book.

Table P–2 Default Paths



Default Value 


Represents the base installation directory for Directory Server Enterprise Edition software.

When you install from a zip distribution using dsee_deploy(1M), the default install-path is the current directory. You can set the install-path using the -i option of the dsee_deploy command.

When you install from a native package distribution, such as you would using the Java Enterprise System installer or when installing Directory Service Control Center, the default installation path is one of the following locations. 

  • (Solaris systems) /opt/SUNWdsee/.

  • (HP-UX systems) /opt/sun/.

  • (Red Hat systems) /opt/sun/.

  • (Windows systems) C:\Program Files\Sun\JavaES5\.


Represents the full path to an instance of Directory Proxy Server or Directory Server.

No default path exists. Instance paths must nevertheless always be found on the local file system.

The documentation uses /local/dps/ for Directory Proxy Server, and /local/ds/ for Directory Server.


Represents the parent directory of the Identity Synchronization for Windows installation location

Depends on installation 


Represents the Identity Synchronization for Windows instance directory

Depends on installation 


Represents the default path and file name of the client’s certificate database for Identity Synchronization for Windows



Represents the default path to the Identity Synchronization for Windows local logs for the System Manager, each connector, and the Central Logger

Depends on installation 


Represents the default path to the Identity Synchronization for Windows central logs

Depends on installation