Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3.1 Release Notes

Directory Proxy Server Limitations

This section lists product limitations.

Do not change file permissions by hand.

Changes to file permissions for installed Directory Server Enterprise Edition product files can in some cases prevent the software from operating properly. Only change file permissions when following instructions in the product documentation, or following instructions from Sun support.

To workaround this limitation, install products and create server instances as a user having appropriate user and group permissions.

Self-signed server certificates cannot be renewed.

When creating a self-signed server certificate, make sure you specify a validity long enough that you do not have to renew the certificate.

Directory Proxy Server does not ensure atomicity with the join data view write operations.

To ensure atomicity, do not use the join data view for write operations. If you perform write operations on join data view, use an external mechanism to prevent or detect inconsistencies. You can monitor inconsistencies by monitoring Directory Proxy Server error log.