Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 Hardware Administration Manual for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Move a Disk Cable to a New Host Adapter

Use this procedure to move a disk cable to a new host adapter within a node.

Caution – Caution –

Failure to follow this cabling procedure might introduce invalid device IDs and render the devices inaccessible.

  1. Stop all I/O to the affected disk(s).

    For more information, see your Solstice DiskSuite/Solaris Volume Manager or VERITAS Volume Manager documentation.

  2. Unplug the cable from the old host adapter.

  3. From the local node, unconfigure all drives that are affected by the recabling.

    # cfgadm

    Or reboot the local node.

    # reboot -- -r
  4. From the local node, update the Solaris device link.

    # devfsadm -C
  5. From the local node, update the device ID path.

    # scdidadm -C
  6. Connect the cable to the new host adapter.

  7. From the local node, configure the drives in the new location.

    # cfgadm

    Or reboot the local node.

    # reboot -- -r
  8. Add the new device ID path.

    # scgdevs

If you did not follow this procedure correctly, you might see an error the next time you run the scdidadm -r command or the scgdevs command. If you see an error message that says did reconfiguration discovered invalid diskpath, go to How to Update Sun Cluster Software to Reflect Proper Device Configuration.