Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 Hardware Administration Manual for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Establish a Default Route for the Terminal Concentrator

Note –

This procedure is optional. By setting a default route, you prevent possible problems with routing table overflows (see the following paragraphs). Routing table overflow is not a problem for connections that are made from a host that resides on the same network as the terminal concentrator.

A routing table overflow in the terminal concentrator can cause network connections to be intermittent or lost altogether. Symptoms include connection timeouts and routes that are reestablished, then disappear, even though the terminal concentrator itself has not rebooted.

The following procedure fixes this problem by establishing a default route within the terminal concentrator. To preserve the default route within the terminal concentrator, you must also disable the routed feature.

  1. Connect to the terminal concentrator.

    # telnet tc_name

    Specifies the name of the terminal concentrator

  2. Press Return again after you make the connection, then select the command-line interface to connect to the terminal concentrator.

    Enter Annex port name or number: cliannex:
  3. Type the su command and password.

    The default password is the terminal concentrator's IP address.

    annex: su
  4. Start the editor to change the config.annex file.

    annex# edit config.annex

    Note –

    The keyboard commands for this editor are Control-W: save and exit, Control-X: exit, Control-F: page down, and Control-B: page up.

    The config.annex file, which is created in the terminal concentrator's EEPROM file system, defines the default route. The config.annex file can also define rotaries that enable a symbolic name to be used instead of a port number.

  5. Add the following lines to the file.

    Substitute the appropriate IP address for your default router.

    net default gateway metric 1 active ^W
  6. Disable the local routed feature.

    annex# admin set annex routed n
  7. Reboot the terminal concentrator.

    annex# boot
    bootfile: <reboot>
    warning: <return>

    While the terminal concentrator is rebooting, you cannot access the node consoles.

Example 2–2 Establishing a Default Route for the Terminal Concentrator

The following example shows how to establish a default route for the terminal concentrator.

admin-ws# telnet tc1
Trying ...
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Enter Annex port name or number: cli
annex: su
Password: root_password
annex: edit config.annex
(Editor starts)
Ctrl-W:save and exit Ctrl-X:exit Ctrl-F:page down Ctrl-B:page up
net default gateway metric 1 active ^W
annex# admin set annex routed n
You may need to reset the appropriate port, Annex subsystem or
reboot the Annex for changes to take effect.
annex# boot