Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 With Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Storage Device Manual

ProcedureHow to Add a Logical Volume

Use this procedure to add a logical volume to a cluster. This procedure assumes that your service provider created your logical volume. This procedure also assumes that all nodes are booted and are attached to the storage array.

  1. On all nodes, update the /devices and /dev entries.

    # devfsadm
  2. On each node connected to the storage array, verify that the same set of LUNs is visible to the expected controllers.

    # format

    See the format command man page for more information about how to use the command.

  3. Determine if you are running VERITAS Volume Manager.

    • If not, proceed to Step 4

    • If you are running VERITAS Volume Manager, update the list of devices on all nodes that are attached to the logical volume that you created in Step 2.

      See your VERITAS Volume Manager documentation for information about how to use the vxdctl enable command. Use this command to update new devices (volumes) in your VERITAS Volume Manager list of devices.

  4. From any node in the cluster, update the global device namespace.

    # scgdevs

    If a volume management daemon such as vold is running on your node, and you have a CD-ROM drive that is connected to the node, a device busy error might be returned even if no disk is in the drive. This error is expected behavior.

See Also

To create a new resource or reconfigure a running resource to use the new logical volume, see your Sun Cluster data services collection.