Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 With Sun StorEdge 3900 Series or Sun StorEdge 6900 Series System Manual

Installation Diagrams

SPARC: Figure 4–1 illustrates one way of installing a Sun StorEdge 3900 series storage system.

Figure 4–1 SPARC: Installing a Sun StorEdge 3900 Series Storage System

Illustration: The preceding context describes the graphic.

You can install your Sun StorEdge 6920 storage system in several different configurations. Figure 4–2 and Figure 4–3 are two examples.

Figure 4–2 Sun StorEdge 6920 Direct-Connect Configuration

Illustration: Each node has 2 connections to the service panel.
These 2 connections reside on both I/O boards.

Figure 4–3 Sun StorEdge 6920 System Switched Configuration

Illustration: Each node connects to 2 switches. Each switch has
2 connections to service panel. Switch connections reside on both I/O boards.