Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 With Sun StorEdge 3510 or 3511 FC RAID Array Manual

ProcedureHow to Upgrade Storage Array Firmware

Use this procedure to upgrade storage array firmware in a running cluster.

Note –

When you upgrade firmware on a storage device or on an enclosure, redefine the stripe size of a LUN, or perform other LUN operations, a device ID might change unexpectedly. When you perform a check of the device ID configuration by running the scdidadm -c command, the following error message appears on your console if the device ID changed unexpectedly.

device id for nodename:/dev/rdsk/cXtYdZsN does not match physical 
device's id for ddecimalnumber, device may have been replaced.

To fix device IDs that report this error, run the scdidadm -R command for each affected device.

  1. Stop all I/O to the storage arrays you are upgrading.

  2. Download the firmware to the storage arrays.

    Refer to the Sun StorEdge 3000 Family RAID Firmware 3.25 and 3.27 User's Guide and to any patch readme files for more information.

  3. Confirm that all storage arrays that you upgraded are visible to all nodes.

    # luxadm probe
  4. Restart all I/O to the storage arrays.

    You stopped I/O to these storage arrays in Step 1.