Sun Cluster Data Service for Sun Java System HADB Guide for Solaris OS

Maintaining the HADB Database

This section explains how to maintain the HADB database within the Sun Cluster HA for Sun Java System HADB data service.

How to Maintain the HADB Database

When you want to run HADB maintenance commands that will initiate a rolling restart of the HADB nodes, the HADB resource probe in the fault monitor must be disabled before the maintenance commands are executed and then enabled once the commands and the rolling restart have completed.

  1. Disable the fault monitor.

    scswitch -n -M -j resource
  2. Run the commands that might initiate a rolling restart.

    The hadbm subcommands that might result in a rolling restart include: set, restart, and addnodes.

  3. Reenable the fault monitor.

    scswitch -e -M -j resource

Alternatively, the HADB resource can be disabled and HADB started outside of Sun Cluster control while maintenance commands are being performed.