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Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 6.0 Desktop Deployment Administrator's Guide


About This Guide

Chapter 1   Introduction and Overview
Why Use the Deployment Toolkit?
Deployment Process Per Desktop: Three Tasks
Deployment Toolkit Components

Chapter 2   General Guidelines
Plan to Migrate Incrementally, in Groups
Prepare a Comprehensive Deployment Plan

Chapter 3   Issues to Address in Planning for a New Mail Server
Characterize Your Site Configuration(s) and Users
User Grouping Criteria and Implications
Desktop Installation Methods
Interactive User Installation (Self-Service)
Administrator Performs Installation at Users' Computers
Automated “Push” via SMS or Other Configuration Management Tools
Command-Line Switches for Desktop Installation
Migration of Important Server Data: More Than Just Messages
Mail Routing During Transition Phase of Server Migration
Synchronization of Global Address Books During Migration
New User IDs and Passwords for Sun Java System Servers
Password-Protected Personal Stores in Outlook


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