Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

Where to Find Sun Cluster Installation Tasks

The following table shows where to find instructions for various installation tasks for Sun Cluster software installation and the order in which you should perform the tasks.

Table 1–1 Sun Cluster Software Installation Task Information



Set up cluster hardware. 

Plan cluster software installation. 

Install a new cluster or add nodes to an existing cluster. 

Installing the Software

Install and configure Solstice DiskSuiteTM/Solaris Volume Manager software.

SPARC: Install and configure VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) software. 

Configure cluster framework software and optionally install and configure the Sun Cluster module to Sun Management Center (which is available on SPARC based systems only). 

Configuring the Cluster

Plan, install, and configure resource groups and data services. 

Sun Cluster Data Service Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS

Develop custom data services. 

Sun Cluster Data Services Developer's Guide for Solaris OS

Upgrade to Sun Cluster 3.1 4/04 software.