Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

SPARC: How to Add a Node to a Disk Device Group (VERITAS Volume Manager)

This procedure adds a node to a disk device group using the scsetup(1M) utility.

The prerequisites to add a node to a VxVM disk device group are:

  1. Become superuser on any node of the cluster.

  2. At the prompt, type the scsetup command.

    # scsetup
    The Main Menu is displayed.

  3. To work with VxVM disk device groups, type 4 (Device groups and volumes).

    The Device Groups Menu is displayed.

  4. To add a node to a VxVM disk device group, type 4 (Add a node to a VxVM device group).

    Follow the instructions and enter the device group and node names.

  5. Verify that the node has been added.

    Look for the device group information for the new disk displayed by the following command.

    # scconf -p 

SPARC: Example—Adding a Node to a VERITAS Volume Manager Disk Device Group

The following example shows the scconf command generated by scsetup when it adds a node (phys-schost-3) to a VxVM disk device group (dg1), and the verification step.

# scsetup
scconf a D type=vxvm,name=dg1,nodelist=phys-schost-3
# scconf -p
Device group name:                dg1
   Device group type:             VXVM
   Device group failback enabled: yes
   Device group node list:        phys-schost-1, phys-schost-3