Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

How to Switch the Primary for a Device Group

This procedure can also be used to start (bring online) an inactive device group.

You can also bring an inactive device group online, or switch the primary for a device group, by using the SunPlex Manager GUI. See the SunPlex Manager online help for more information.

  1. Become superuser on any node of the cluster.

  2. Use scswitch(1M) to switch the disk device group primary.

    # scswitch -z -D disk-device-group -h node


    Performs the switch.

    -D disk-device-group

    Specifies the device group to switch.

    -h node

    Specifies the name of the node to switch to. This node become the new primary.

  3. Verify that the disk device group has been switched to the new primary.

    If the disk device group is properly registered, information for the new disk device group displays when using the following command.

    # scstat -D

Example—Switching the Primary for a Disk Device Group

The following example shows how to switch the primary for a disk device group and verify the change.

# scswitch -z -D dg-schost-1 -h phys-schost-1
# scstat -D

-- Device Group Servers --
                          Device Group               Primary             Secondary
                         ------------                -------             ---------
Device group servers:    dg-schost-1                 phys-schost-1       phys-schost-2
-- Device Group Status --
                                Device Group              Status              
                              ------------                ------              
  Device group status:        dg-schost-1                 Online