Sun Cluster Data Service for MySQL Guide for Solaris OS

How to Verify the Installation and Configuration of MySQL

This procedure does not verify that your application is highly available because you have not yet installed your data service.

Note –

Before verifying the installation and configuration of MySQL, ensure that the Logical Hostname for the mysql is available. You will need to complete steps 2 through 7 in How to Register and Configure Sun Cluster HA for MySQL as a Failover Service.

  1. Start the MySQL Server for this instance.

    #cd <MySQL Basedirectory>

    # ./bin/mysqld --defaults-file=<MySQL Databasedirectry>/my.cnf \
    --basedir=<MySQL Basedirectory>\
     --datadir=<MySQL Databasedirectory>\
     --user=mysql --pid-file=<MySQL Databasedirectory>/ &
  2. Connect to the MySQL instance.

    # <MySQL Basedirectory>/bin/mysql -h <Logical host> -uroot
  3. Stop the MySQL server instance.

    # kill -TERM `cat <MySQL Databasedirectory>/