Sun Cluster Data Service for MySQL Guide for Solaris OS

How to Install the Sun Cluster HA for MySQL Packages Using the scsintall Utility

You need the Sun Cluster Agents CD-ROM to perform this procedure. This procedure assumes that you did not install the data service packages during your initial Sun Cluster installation.

If you installed the Sun Cluster HA for MySQL packages as part of your initial Sun Cluster installation, proceed to Registering and Configuring Sun Cluster HA for MySQL.

Perform this procedure on all nodes that can run Sun Cluster HA for MySQL data service.

  1. Load the Sun Cluster Agents CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.

  2. Run the scinstall utility with no options.

    This step starts the scinstall utility in interactive mode.

  3. Choose the menu option, Add Support for New Data Service to This Cluster Node.

    The scinstall utility prompts you for additional information.

  4. Provide the path to the Sun Cluster Agents CD-ROM.

    The utility refers to the CD as the “data services cd.”

  5. Specify the data service to install.

    The scinstall utility lists the data service that you selected and asks you to confirm your choice.

  6. Exit the scinstall utility.

  7. Unload the CD from the drive.