Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle Parallel Server/Real Application Clusters Guide for Solaris OS

How to Install the Oracle UDLM Software

Note –

You must install the Oracle UDLM software on the local disk of each node.

Caution – Caution –

Before you install the Oracle UDLM software, ensure that you have created entries for the database administrator group and the Oracle user ID. See How to Prepare the Sun Cluster Nodes for details.

  1. Become superuser on a cluster node.

  2. Install the Oracle UDLM software.

    See the appropriate Oracle Parallel Server/Real Application Clusters installation documentation for instructions.

    Note –

    Ensure that you did not receive any error messages when you installed the Oracle UDLM packages. If an error occurred during package installation, correct the problem before you install the Oracle UDLM software.

  3. Update the /etc/system file with the shared memory configuration information.

    You must configure these parameters on the basis of the resources that are available in the cluster. Decide the appropriate values, but ensure that the Oracle UDLM can create a shared memory segment that conforms to its configuration requirements.

    The following example shows entries to configure in the /etc/system file.

    set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=268435456
    set semsys:seminfo_semmap=1024
    set semsys:seminfo_semmni=2048
    set semsys:seminfo_semmns=2048
    set semsys:seminfo_semmsl=2048
    set semsys:seminfo_semmnu=2048
    set semsys:seminfo_semume=200
    set shmsys:shminfo_shmmin=200
    set shmsys:shminfo_shmmni=200
    set shmsys:shminfo_shmseg=200

  4. Shut down and reboot each node on which the Oracle UDLM software is installed.

    Caution – Caution –

    Before you reboot, you must ensure that you have correctly installed and configured the Oracle UDLM software. Also verify that you have correctly installed your volume manager packages. If you use VxVM, check that you have installed the software and that the license for the VxVM cluster feature is valid. Otherwise, a panic will occur.

    For detailed instructions, see “Shutting Down and Booting a Single Cluster Node” in Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS.

Where to Go From Here

After you have installed the Oracle UDLM software on each cluster node, the next step depends on your storage management scheme.