Sun Cluster Data Service for Apache Guide for Solaris OS

How to Install and Configure the Apache Software from the Solaris 8 CD-ROM and Solaris 9 CD-ROM

This procedure installs a non-secure version of the Apache webserver. For procedures for installing a secure Apache webserver, see Installing a Secure Apache Webserver.

The Apache binaries are included in three packages—SUNWapchr, SUNWapchu, and SUNWapchd—that form the SUNWCapache package metacluster. You must install the SUNWapchr package before you install the SUNWapchu package.

Place the Web server binaries on the local file system on each of your cluster nodes or on a cluster file system.

  1. Run the pkginfo(1) command to determine if the Apache packages SUNWapchr, SUNWapchu, and SUNWapchd have been installed.

    If not, install as follows.

    # pkgadd -d Solaris 8 Product directory SUNWapchr SUNWapchu SUNWapchd
    Installing Apache Web Server (root) as SUNWapchr
    [ verifying class initd ]
    /etc/rc0.d/K16apache linked pathname
    /etc/rc1.d/K16apache linked pathname
    /etc/rc2.d/K16apache linked pathname
    /etc/rc3.d/S50apache linked pathname
    /etc/rcS.d/K16apache linked pathname
  2. Disable the START and STOP run control scripts that were just installed as part of the SUNWapchr package.

    This step is necessary because Sun Cluster HA for Apache starts and stops the Apache application after you have configured the data service. Perform the following steps.

    1. List the Apache run control scripts.

    2. Rename the Apache run control scripts.

    3. Verify that all of the Apache-related scripts have been renamed.

    Note –

    The following example changes the first letter in the name of the run control script from uppercase to lowercase. However, you can rename the scripts to be consistent with your normal administration practices.

    # ls -1 /etc/rc?.d/*apache
    # mv /etc/rc0.d/K16apache  /etc/rc0.d/k16apache
    # mv /etc/rc1.d/K16apache  /etc/rc1.d/k16apache
    # mv /etc/rc2.d/K16apache  /etc/rc2.d/k16apache
    # mv /etc/rc3.d/S50apache  /etc/rc3.d/s50apache
    # mv /etc/rcS.d/K16apache  /etc/rcS.d/k16apache
    # ls -1 /etc/rc?.d/*apache