Sun Cluster Data Service for Apache Guide for Solaris OS

Monitoring Arbitrary URIs

Set the Monitor_Uri_List extension property if you want the web server fault monitor to probe an arbitrary list of applications (URIs) served by the web server. This extension property provides extended probing functionality and is useful if you are layering services in addition to your web server. The Monitor_Uri_List extension property is not supported with a secure Sun Cluster HA for Apache instance. If you do not set the Monitor_Uri_List extension property, the fault monitor will perform the basic probing. See Sun Cluster HA for Apache Fault Monitor for details. The following examples show how to set the Monitor_Uri_List extension property when you add the Sun Cluster HA for Apache instance to your configuration.

Example— Setting Monitor_Uri_List for Scalable Sun Cluster HA for Apache Instance

(Add an insecure Apache instance with default load balancing.)

# scrgadm -a -j apache-insecure-1 -g resource-group-1 \
-t SUNW.apache -y Network_resources_used=schost-1, ... \
-y Scalable=True -y Port_list=8000/tcp -x Bin_dir=/opt/apache/bin \
-x Monitor_Uri_list=http://schost-1:8000/servlet/monitor

Example— Setting Monitor_Uri_List for Failover Sun Cluster HA for ApacheInstance

(Add an insecure Apache application resource instance.)

# scrgadm -a -j apache-insecure-1 -g resource-group-1 \
-t SUNW.apache -y Network_resources_used=schost-1 \
-y Scalable=False -y Port_list=80/tcp \
-x Bin_dir=/opt/apache/bin \ 
-x Monitor_Uri_list=http://schost-1:80/servlet/monitor