Sun Cluster Data Service for Network File System (NFS) Guide for Solaris OS

Example – Setting Up and Configuring Sun Cluster HA for NFS

The following example shows how to set up and configure Sun Cluster HA for NFS.

(Create a logical host resource group and specify the path to the administrative 
files used by NFS (Pathprefix).)
# scrgadm -a -g resource-group-1 -y Pathprefix=/global/nfs
(Add logical hostname resources into the logical host resource group.)
# scrgadm -a -L -g resource-group-1 -l schost-1
(Make the directory structure contain the Sun Cluster HA for NFS configuration 
# mkdir -p /global/nfs/SUNW.nfs
(Create the dfstab.resource file under the nfs/SUNW.nfs directory and set share 
# share -F nfs -o rw=engineering -d “home dirs” nfs/SUNW.nfs
(Register the NFS resource type.)
# scrgadm -a -t SUNW.nfs
(Create the NFS resource in the resource group.)
# sc
rgadm -a -j r-nfs -g resource-group-1 -t SUNW.nfs
(Enable the resources and their monitors, manage the resource group, and switch 
the resource group into online state.)
# scswitch -Z -g resource-group-1