Sun Cluster Data Service for WebLogic Server Guide for Solaris OS

Creating a Resource Which Will Shut Down Smoothly

The default for the Sun Cluster HA for BEA WebLogic Server STOP method kills the BEA WebLogic Server process to shut down the instance. If this is not desirable, set the Smooth_shutdown extension property to TRUE to enable smooth shutdown of the BEA WebLogic Server. If this extension property is enabled, WLS_USER and WLS_PW must be set in the START script. If this is a security concern, you must let Sun Cluster HA for BEA WebLogic Server perform the default forced shutdown (kill the process).

To configure a resource which will shut down smoothly, use the following commands.

# scrgadm -a -j bea-rs -t SUNW.wls -g bea-rg\
-x Confdir_list=/global/bea/beahome/weblogic700\
-x Server_url=http://logical_host1:7001\
-x Start_script=/global/bea/beahome/user_projects/petstore/\
-x Server_name=petstore1\
-x Smooth_shutdown=TRUE