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Sun Java System Portal Server 6 2004Q2 Desktop Customization Guide 

List of Procedures

To Create Customized Organization JSP and Template Files
To Access the Desktop
To change the Desktop type
To Add a Tab to JSPTabContainer
To Stretch a Tab Across an Entire Container
To Change the Tab Image for JSP-based Tab Containers
To Change the Color of Tabs
To make the tab the start tab
To Add a Role-based Tab
To Customize the Channel Window Preference
To Remove a Button From All Channels in a Container
To Remove a Button From a Single Channel
To Change the Channel Layout for a Table Container
To Remove the Title Bar from a Channel
To Change the Border Width for all Channels in a Container
To Customize Channel Borders to Have Bevelled Edges, Shadows, Curved Corners, and So On
To Enable Anonymous Log In
To Disable Anonymous Log In
To Enable Authentication-less (authlessanonymous) Log In
To Disable Authentication-less (authlessanonymous) Log In
To Access the Anonymous Desktop through the Identity Server Host Name (obj.conf File)
To Access the Anonymous Desktop through the Portal Server Host Name (index.html File)
To always use Anonymous Log In
To Change the Banner for the Anonymous Desktop
To Add the Login Channel to the Anonymous Desktop of a Newly Created Organization
To Change the Default Channel Name for Authlessanonymous User
To Use UNIX Authentication with LoginProvider
To Enable End User Password Maintenance for LDAP Authentication
To Change the Desktop Column Layout from the Command Line
To Change the Desktop Column Layout from the Administration Console
To Modify Column Widths Directly (Using Scriptlets)
To Change the Logo (image) in the Banner
To Change the Header and Footer of the Theme, Content, and Layout Pages
To Change the Desktop Colors
To Add a Theme to the Sample Portal
To Customize the Current Themes
To Change the Text
To Change the Sample Anonymous Desktop Theme
To Modify the Default Search Server
To Add last-modified to the Search Result Display
To Remove content-length from Search Results
To Display the Total Number of Documents in the Search Result Status Message
To Remove author from the Advanced Search Interface
To Add a New Field to Advanced Search
To Customize the DiscussionLite Channel Link Display Window
To Display DiscussionLite on the Front tab
To Display Additional Fields in the List View of Discussions
To Modify the Sort Order in List All Discussions Page
To Modify viewHits in View Discussion Page
To Inherit Classification and readACL
To Control Access to Discussions
To Create a New Online Help File and to Define the helpURL Value Manually
To Change the Template Reload Interval

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