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Sun Java System Portal Server 6 2004Q2 Deployment Planning Guide 


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Chapter 1   Portal Server Architecture
What is a Portal?
Types of Portals
Collaborative Portals
Business Intelligence Portals
Portal Server Capabilities
Sun Java System Portal Server
Sun Java System Secure Remote Access
Portal Sever in Open Mode
Portal Server in Secure Mode
Security, Encryption, and Authentication
Portal Server Deployment Components
Portal Server Architecture
Identity Management
Portal Server Software Deployment
Software Packaging
Software Categories
Java Compatibility
A Typical Portal Server Installation

Chapter 2   Portal Server Secure Remote Access Architecture
SRA Gateway
Multiple Gateway Instances
Proxy Configuration
Gateway and HTTP Basic Authentication
Gateway and SSL Support
Gateway Access Control
Gateway Logging
Using Accelerators with the Gateway
Static and Dynamic Port Applications
Netlet and Application Integration
Split Tunneling
Netlet Proxy
Validating Credentials
Access Control
Special Operations
NetFile and Multithreading
Rewriter Proxy

Chapter 3   Identifying and Evaluating Your Business and Technical Requirements
Business Objectives
Technical Goals
Mapping Portal Server Features to Your Business Needs
Identity Management
Search Engine
Aggregation and Integration
Understanding User Behaviors and Patterns

Chapter 4   Pre-Deployment Considerations
Determine Your Tuning Goals
Portal Sizing Tips
Establish Performance Methodology
Portal Sizing
Establish Baseline Sizing Figures
Customize the Baseline Sizing Figures
Validate Baseline Sizing Figures
Refine Baseline Sizing Figures
Validate Your Final Figures
SRA Sizing
Identifying Gateway Key Performance Requirements
Advanced Gateway Settings
SRA Gateway and SSL Hardware Accelerators
SRA and Sun Enterprise Midframe Line

Chapter 5   Creating Your Portal Design
Portal Design Approach
Overview of High-Level Portal Design
Overview of Low-Level Portal Design
Logical Portal Architecture
Portal Server and Scalability
Vertical Scaling
Horizontal Scaling
Portal Server and High Availability
System Availability
Degrees of High Availability
Achieving High Availability for Portal Server
Portal Server System Communication Links
Working with Portal Server Building Modules
Building Modules and High Availability Scenarios
Building Module Constraints
Deploying Your Building Module Solution
Designing Portal Use Case Scenarios
Elements of Portal Use Cases
Example Use Case: Authenticate Portal User
Designing Portal Security Strategies
Securing the Operating Environment
Using Platform Security
Using a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
Portal Server and Identity Server on Different Nodes
Designing SRA Deployment Scenarios
Basic SRA Configuration
Disable Netlet
Multiple Gateway Instances
Netlet and Rewriter Proxies
Netlet and Rewriter Proxies on Separate Nodes
Using Two Gateways and Netlet Proxy
Using an Accelerator
Netlet with 3rd Party Proxy
Reverse Proxy
Designing for Localization
Content and Design Implementation
Integration Design
Identity and Directory Structure Design
Implementing Single Sign-On
Portal Desktop Design
Client Support

Chapter 6   The Production Environment
Moving to a Production Environment
Monitoring and Tuning
Documenting the Portal
Monitoring Portal Server
Memory Consumption and Garbage Collection
CPU Utilization
Identity Server Cache and Sessions
Thread Usage
Portal Usage Information

Appendix A   Installed Product Layout
Directories Installed for Portal Server
Directories Installed for SRA
Configuration Files

Appendix B   Analysis Tools
Tuning Parameters for /etc/system

Appendix C   Portal Server and Application Servers
Introduction to Application Server Support in Portal Server
Portal Server on an Application Server Cluster
Overview of Sun Java System Application Server
Overview of BEA WebLogic Server Clusters
Overview of IBM WebSphere Application Server

Appendix D   Troubleshooting Your Portal Deployment
Troubleshooting Portal Server
UNIX Processes
Log Files
Recovering the Search Database
Working with the Display Profile
High CPU Utilization for Portal Server Instance
Configuring a Sun Java System Portal Server Instance to Use an HTTP Proxy
Troubleshooting SRA
Debugging the Gateway
Introduction to shooter
Using shooter
SRA Log Files

Appendix E   Portal Deployment Worksheets
Portal Assessment Worksheets
Portal Key Design Task List

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