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Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2004Q2 Event Notification Service Guide

List of Tables

Table 1-1 Sample ENS Publish and Subscribe Cycle
Table 2-1 ENS Publisher API Functions List
Table 2-2 ENS Subscriber API Functions List
Table 2-3 ENS Publish and Subscribe Dispatcher Functions List
Table 4-1 Event Tyes
Table 4-2 Mandatory Event Reference Parameters
Table 4-3 Optional Event Reference Parameters
Table 4-4 Available Parameters for Each Event Type
Table 4-5 Payload Configuration Parameters
Table 5-1 Alarm Notifications
Table 5-2 Calendar Update Notifications
Table 5-3 Advanced Topics Parameter
Table 5-4 Presence of appid and Value of X-Token X-NSCP-COMPONENT-SOURCE
Table A-1 Trace Level Values
Table A-2 GAP_LOG_MODULES Values
Table A-3 ENS_DEBUG Trace Level Values
Table A-4 ENS_LOG_MODULES Values

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