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Sun Java System Identity Server 2004Q2 Deployment Planning Guide 

List of Figures

Figure 1-1 Building Blocks Of An Identity Management Solution
Figure 2-1 Security Requirements of Data and Services
Figure 3-1 Identity Server 2004Q2 Functional Architecture
Figure 5-1 Multiple Identity Server Instances With One Directory Server
Figure 5-2 Simple Web Deployment Scenario
Figure 5-3 Java Application Deployment
Figure 5-4 Single Supplier Replication
Figure 5-5 Multi-Supplier Configuration (also known as Multi-Master Replication)
Figure 5-6 Multi-supplier Replication With Load Balancer
Figure E-1 Identity Server Configuration With Load Balancer
Figure E-2 Creating Nodes With Resonate
Figure E-3 Creating a new Virtual IP Address
Figure E-4 Configuring HTTP Scheduling Rules
Figure E-5 Configuring Nodes With CDMaster
Figure E-6 Configuring a Cookie Persistence Scheduling Rule

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