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Sun Java System Instant Messaging 6 2004Q2 Deployment Planning Guide 


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Chapter 1   Overview
What is an Instant Messaging Service?
Sun ONE Instant Messaging Core Product Components
Components Related to Instant Messaging
Web server
LDAP server
SMTP server
Sun Java System Calendar Server
Sun ONE Identity Server and Sun Java System Identity Server SDK
Sun Java System Portal Server
Supported Standards
Instant Messaging Architecture
The Instant Messaging Server
The Multiplexor
The Instant Messenger Client
Designing Your Deployment
Planning Process
Piloting Instant Messaging
Putting Instant Messaging Into Production

Chapter 2   Deployment Examples
Basic Instant Messaging Deployment
Authentication in a Basic Deployment
Instant Messaging With Email Notification
Instant Messaging with Calendar Alerts
Instant Messaging With Identity-based Server Policy Management or Single Sign On
Authentication in a Deployment With Identity Server Only
Instant Messaging With Portal-based Secure Mode or Archiving and Identity Server
Authentication in a Deployment With Portal Server
Instant Messaging With All Features Enabled
Physical Deployment Examples
Instant Messaging Server and Web Server on Separate Hosts
Multiple Multiplexors on Separate Hosts
Federation of Multiple Instant Messaging Deployments

Chapter 3   Planning Your Sizing Strategy
Collecting Sizing Data
Determine Peak Volume of Unique Logins
Create Your Usage Profile
Define Your User Base or Site Profile
Using a Load Simulator
System Performance Guidelines
Memory Utilization
Disk Throughput
Disk Capacity
Network Throughput
CPU Resources
Multiplexor Configuration Best Practices
Developing Architectural Strategies
Two-tiered Architecture
One-tiered Architecture
Example Resource Requirements
Small Deployment Sample Resource Requirements Numbers
Large Deployment Sample Resource Requirements Numbers


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