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Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2004Q2 Customization Guide 


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Chapter 1   Introduction to Communications Express and Customization
Chapter 2   Customizing General Features in Communications Express
Guidelines to be Followed Before the Customization Process
List of Customizable and Configurable Files for Calendar and Address Book
Customizing the Contents of
Customizing Images
Customizing Text
Customizing the Skin
Customizing the Login Screen for the English Locale
Replacing the Logo With a Custom Graphic
Example—Logo Modification
Changing the Title Text
Customizing Banner
Customizing Branding
Customizing Application Bar

Chapter 3   Customizing General Features in Calendar
Customizing Icons
Customizing the Order of Calendar Toolbar Icons
Customizing Toolbars
Customizing the Toolbar Images
Customizing Task Related Informative Icons
Customizing the Error Icon for Full Page Errors
Customizing Icons in Pop ups
Customizing Search for Events
Customizing the Text That Appears Besides the Search Events Text Box
Customizing Views
Customizing Tasks Search View
Customizing the Column Order in Tasks Printable View
Customizing Tasks Error View
Customizing Events view
Customizing Tasks View
Customizing Pop ups
Customizing Full Page Error
Customizing the Layout for Full Page Errors

Chapter 4   Customizing General Features in Mail
Defining Your Customization Requirements
Customizing the Skin to Modify Global Look and Feel
Customizing Text
Customizing Mail by Domain
Customizing Mail Icons
Adding Extra Features
Understanding the File Layout in Mail
Understanding Basic Interfaces in Mail
Inbox Screen
Message Screen
Folders Screen
Composition Window
Message Search Window

Chapter 5   Customizing User Interface Features in Mail
Customizing the Mailbox Tool Bar
Example—Mailbox Tool Bar Modifications
Customizing Message Listing
Customizing the Message Display Window
Modify the Message Display Window to Display User Defined Header Fields
Example—Customizing the Message Display Window to Display User Defined Header Fields
Customizing the Message Tool Bar
Customizing the Message Composition Window
Aligning the User Interface from Right to Left(For Arabic only)

Chapter 6   Customizing Advanced Features in Mail
Understanding Advanced Customization
List of files to use for customizing UI in Mail
HTML File Mapping
Collect Mail from Another Server
HTML File Mapping
Message Composition
HTML File Mapping
Mailbox Management Tab
HTML File Mapping
HTML File Mapping
Return Receipt
HTML File Mapping
Understanding Shared Folders
Customizing the Default LDAP Attributes for Users

Chapter 7   Customizing General Features in Address Book
Customizing Address Book Icons and Labels
Customizing Icons
Customizing Labels
Customizing Style Sheets
What can be Customized in Style Sheets
Customizing the Main Search Page
Customizing New/Edit Contact Window
Customizing Phone
Customizing E-mail
Customizing Dates
Customizing Web Addresses
Customizing IM Nicknames
Customizing View Contact Window
Customizing New Group or Edit Group Window
Customizing Group Details
Customizing the View Group Window
Customizing Printable Window
Customizing the Import/Export Address Book Window

Chapter 8   Customizing Options
Customizing Options tab

Chapter 9   Customizing Communications Express for a Specific Domain
Customizing Calendar for a Specific Domain
Customizing Calendar for a Specific Domain
Customizing Mail for a Specific Domain
Domain From URL
Customizing Address Book for a Specific Domain and a Locale

Chapter 10   Localizing Communications Express
Communications Express Localization
Localizing Calendar and Options
Localizing Mail
Localizing Address Book
Customizing Address Book for a Specific Locale

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